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What causes the musty smell in my home or office? How do I get rid of it?

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Everybody wants a clean, good-smelling house. When a house starts having a musty smell, the physical cleanliness of the house becomes suddenly unappealing. Since it is far from being pleasant to the nose, the cause of the musty smell must immediately be identified and resolved.

Mold growth might be to blame for the smell especially when the unpleasant smell persists. In such cases, the mold might be behind the wallpaper or live within a wall. Mold is a type of fungi that grows both indoors and outdoors. It rapidly grows in damp or humid areas like the shower or basement. Sometimes it is the smell that helps household members determine if they have mold growth or not, since mold cannot be seen by the naked eye. Experiencing symptoms like nasal stuffiness, wheezing, eye irritation and skin conditions are also indicators that there is indeed mold growth. Experiencing water damage in the home might be a huge factor as to why there is mold presence.

After verifying that the musty smell is caused by the mold, immediate action must be taken. This fungi problem can be resolved with a bleach solution in a mix of a gallon of bleach and a gallon of water. Fixing any water leak can also prevent any mold growth in the future. It would also help if the assistance of a mold removal expert is sought. He or she can thoroughly advice the household what needs to be done to eradicate the mold and its growth.

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