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Mold and Mildew are living organisms that provide both benefits and potential dangers to you, your property and pets. They both play an important role in helping to decompose leaves, dead plants, animals and other materials in your yard. When mould enters your home it can cause problems regarding your health and property. In buildings, mould can attack and destroy the structural components by attacking the drywall, wood, pressboard or other porous materials. Mold spreads by producing mold spores. As you inhale or touch these spores you can exhibit an array of symptoms such as headaches, rashes, difficulty breathing, runny eyes , hair loss just to name a few.

Mold produces toxins and this is where toxic mold gets its name. Toxic mold can cause serious medical issues including death. There is little distinction between mildew and mould. Most people associate mildew with that loaf of stale bread, or that mildew often seen in the shower. They are both bacteria and if you are seeing this inside your home this should be a red flag that something is going and needs your immediate attention.

Some warning signs that you may need to have Mold removal Washington visit your property for an evaluation of your indoor air quality are Moisture, Odor, or Discoloration.

Moisture is the number one reason for mold grow and can be caused by a number of factors such as condensation from you air conditioning system, plumbing leaks, constant increase in humidity, flood, windows that are not sealed properly, or a crack in your foundation.

Odor is usually an early sign that you have a mold problem. Think about that musty, earthy, rotten or foul smell that you can’t seem to get rid of regardless of what you do. We often hear I tried everything under the sun to eliminate   the smell with little success.

Discoloration in your ceiling, bathroom or walls could be the first visible sign that mold is growing. Discolorations could mean mold and mildew is in other places that you cannot see.

If you have any of these signs you should prepare to consult with a certified professional because it is not if you have mould, but how much mold is growing, and how wide spread the problem is. Taking care of the Mold, Mildew, or Water damage immediately will help prevent complications down the road regarding the structure of the property and your health.

Once you have confirmed the presence of mold or mildew the problem will not go away without the mold being removed from your property, correcting the moisture and humidity which caused the problem. Mold removal Washington is trained to identify your moisture, mildew and mold issues, find the cause and offer solutions that will improve your indoor air quality. They have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and remove mold from your property. A certified Restoration Professional is usually able to handle a number of disasters such as water removal, asbestosis removal, fire, smoke and mold remediation.

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