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Symptoms of Black Mold

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Sinus or chronic infection is one of the main symptoms of poisonous black mold among the people of U.S. Sinus headache, runny noise, sinus cough, sinus drainage are general symptoms arising from the exposure of black mold.

The primary symptoms of black mold are musty smells or odors, as it grows in crevices, cracks and places that we cannot clean. If the odor persists even in an air-conditioned room, it is a grave symptom of toxic mold. Yellow stains on your wall are also one of the primary symptoms of black mold

Irritation, dizziness and lack in concentration, sluggish cough, red eyes are some other symptoms that arise while living in mold-infested environment.

The rashes occurring on the skin are also due to the reaction of spores of toxic mold. In more severe cases, the hives of allergic black mold will break out on the skin followed by irritation.

Tears in eyes may develop if people having mold allergies are exposed to higher concentrations of the mold. In addition, the bleach used for removing mold may make the tears worse.

Symptoms of black mold are noticeable in several ways. You need to know about these symptoms, so that you can be able to prevent the building up of a black mold in your home. This type of mold is very poisonous and it can cause small allergies, in addition to severe medical conditions.

If the amount of humidity in your house is higher than 55%, then you can be sure that this is the symptom of black mold development. The most important thing you need to be conscious is that you may not even come to know about the toxic mold until someone in your home starts feeling sick. Even the symptoms may be like asthma or sinus infection, which you may not link to the symptoms of toxic mold.

As the basement of the house is a place where many of the water pipes are situated, the pipes here get condensed and remain unnoticed for long time. The leakages found in the pipes are the black mold symptoms and many of the homeowners are not aware of these symptoms of black mold and just fix the leaks.

The black mold is greenish in color and if you find that your wall is starting to stain under the wallpaper or coming out through the paint, then it is a serious mold problem. Toxic mold symptoms are visible if the paint on your wall is coming out due to the extra moistness in it. One way of finding the possibility of black mold in walls is by shining black light on the wall. If you notice a yellow glow, then this is a symptom of black mold.

The symptoms of black mold indicate that you are suffering from poisoning of black mold. It is very important to consult a doctor in such a case, as he/she will be to determine as your suffering from something else or mold. These are the symptoms of mold and as soon as you witness any of such symptoms around, you need to take proper preventive measures to get rid of the mold.

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