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Detecting the presence of mold or mildew growth in a home can cause homeowners to feel and react in many ways. Considering its unpleasant smell and appearance, it is no surprise that the most common initial reaction is disgust. As the homeowner gradually becomes more and more aware of the problem and its potential health risks, frustration and worry may start to sink in. Finally, when he finds out about how demanding the mold removal Ohio process can be, both physically and financially, a feeling of helplessness or just plain annoyance may soon take over.

As with any problem, the key to solving and avoiding moulds is awareness. If you are aware of the conditions that promote mold growth and can recognize signs that indicate its presence, you can prevent and detect it more easily. This article will discuss the most common signs of mold growth that homeowners must keep a close watch on and attend to once detected:

Appearance. Molds appear in various colors, the most common ranging from dark shades of green to black. It can also sometimes appear yellowish and brownish if the growth is under certain materials such as paint and wall paper. It is typically fuzzy and slimy in terms of texture. It can sometimes be mistaken for ordinary dirt, reason why homeowners sometimes don’t take them too seriously. One way of distinguishing mold from dirt is by conducting a simple test with the use of baking soda. Mix a small amount of baking soda with water and apply a few drops on the affected surface. If the color lightens, what you have is mold; if it stays dark, then it’s just dirt. Mold often grows in areas where there is a moisture problem or water damage, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

Smell. Mold has a very distinctive smell that is not easy to ignore. If you notice a stale, musty odor in an area of your home, it may be due to mold growth. Even if you don’t see the presence, don’t dismiss the possibility of a mould too hastily as it can sometimes thrive in places that are hidden from sight such as behind walls and underneath carpeting.

Symptoms. The most common symptoms of mould include respiratory and central nervous problems such as coughing, itchy and watery eyes, headaches, forgetfulness, depression, and a lot more. However, mould poisoning may be difficult to diagnose due to the fact that it shares symptoms with other illnesses. Aside from going to the doctor and undergoing certain tests, one way you can tell if you have a mold problem is by keeping watch of when and where the symptoms are alleviated and aggravated. If the sufferer feels better as soon as he leaves your home, it is likely that you have an infestation.

Once you have established that you have an infestation in your home, attend to the problem immediately. You can do the mold removal Ohio yourself or contact mold removal Ohio professionals, depending on the extent and seriousness of the growth.

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