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As the chief decomposer and nutrient recycler of nature, mold or mildew is responsible for valuable and indispensable processes necessary for maintaining balance in the environment. However, it is also often held accountable for processes that are quite destructive and can have serious negative effects, particularly to human life.

Recent studies have found a number of indoor mold species which produce mycotoxins. Among the most infamous species is Strachybotrys Atra or black mold. Once black mold toxins are inhaled, they can cause mild to severe health problems, and can even cause death – the effects depending on the amount and the duration of the exposure. Some of the symptoms and health problems most often associated with mold exposure are: asthma, allergy reactions, pulmonary bleeding, liver damage, memory loss, confusion, and cancer.

To add to the health problems, mold or mildew can also severely damage the structure of your home. Aside from its unsightly appearance and unpleasant smell, once mold has settled on a surface, it will not go anywhere until it has spread all over the material. It can rot porous materials such as wood, paper, and upholstery and can cost you up to thousands of dollars in repairs / replacement and mold removal Syracuse NY services.

Now that we know about the nature and potential harms of mold, how can we not be concerned about it? Not one person in his right mind would want to live in the presence of molds, and even less so, expose his loved ones to their health risks. Our awareness of the dangers of mold should prompt us to do everything within our means to prevent it and employ mold removal Syracuse NY methods immediately once a growth is detected in a home.

Molds reproduce by discharging spores into the air which travel or float around until a livable place is found. For growth to be possible, they only need food and moisture sources. Since molds are not picky when it comes to food, the key factor - and the only factor that we can control - when it comes to mold or mildew growth is moisture. The following are a few tips you can consider to prevent mold growth in your home:

Pay special attention to parts of the home that usually have moisture problems such as the shower, kitchen, and laundry room. Make sure that these particular areas get good air flow by installing exhaust fans or by simply opening your windows when the weather permits. Keep your home’s condensation and level below 50%, and take the time to inspect your home regularly for any signs of water damage, such as a leak in your roof or a crack on your wall which can let moisture in to your home. If any are found, deal with them immediately. Remember that it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold or mildew to grow, so time is definitely of the essence. For as long as your home is properly maintained and kept dry, you need not worry about mold growth or mold removal Syracuse NY.

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