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Airborne mold may cause individuals exposed to mold and mildew over time major health issues. Most people are unaware they are breathing toxic mold spores until they have symptoms and become sick. Mold symptoms can be difficult to detect since they can be similar to the flu or common cold. You may continue to have symptoms that will not respond to traditional medical treatment. Often times it is not until you are referred to an environmental specialist or infectious disease doctor that they will suggest allergy testing and ask the golden question have you ever had your property tested for mold mildew or asbestosis.

Mold Removal Massachusetts experience suggest if you are exposed to black toxic mold known as stachybotrys mold you may experience chronic bronchitis, bleeding in the lungs, asthma, heart related issues which  can be life threating. More than 25 million Americans are suffering from mold allergies and many are not aware that there coughing, sneezing, and breathing issues can be related to mould issues in their home or work place.

Many species of mould produce spores that come in many different, shapes, sizes and colors. The spores will continue to grow and germinate which will produce new mold growth as long as it has moisture and food. Inside your home you often will see mold growing in areas where you have a damp moist area. This would be places like your bathroom, basement, utility room or the kitchen where you may have stale bread or fruit.

If you have a slow water leak mold can grow inside the walls and flooring or anywhere you have damp cellouse materials such as wall paper, books, clothing, plasterboards or ceiling tile. We have been able to identify over a thousand different types of mold in our environment.  Only about 200 species are known to cause health issues. The most serious mold known today is Stachybotrys which the general public refers to it as black or toxic mold. This is an aggressive mold that will cause you and you property problems if left untreated. Early diagnosis and treatment gives you and your property the best prognosis of successfully removal.

Mold removal Massachusetts is aware that airborne mold can be difficult to manage and many times you will not realize how it has affected your health for some time after you have been exposed.  People see mold in their showers, on their walls or celling and may wipe it off or spray it with bleach. The problem is with airborne mold and mildew theses spores move with the air and can land anywhere on you, your pets or in your air ducts. You can have a house full of mold and not be aware of it.

Mold removal Massachusetts recommends mold testing done by a professional mold tester, mold or industrial hygienist. They have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to make the proper determination of what treatment is necessary to protect your family and to rid you property of toxic mold.

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