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Homeowners all over the world dread molds and this is for a very good reason. Once growth starts in a home, these pesky little things can cause you and your loved ones serious trouble. They can spoil the beauty of your home, ruin your health, and considering how costly mold abatement can get, they can also badly affect your finances.

Molds are most infamous for the wide array of health problems they can cause in humans. Once the spores are inhaled, they can attack the respiratory and central nervous systems, and can cause flu-like symptoms such as sore throat, wheezing, coughing, etc., and can also have negative effects on mental processes such as memory and concentration. If inhaled by infants, the toxins can trigger pulmonary bleeding which may result in death. Recent studies have also found a link between certain types of mold toxins and cancer.

As if the risks that they pose on your health and your life are not bad enough, your home is not exempted from the wrath of the dreaded molds either. Moulds, together with the moisture that they thrive in, can severely damage the surfaces that they grow on. They can rot and discolor almost everything ranging from building materials (such as wood, wallpaper, and tiles) to personal belongings (such as clothing and quite obviously food). Besides wrecking your home to ugliness, the mere appearance of mold is already an ugly thing in itself. It can ruin the beauty of your home and, as a consequence, decrease its market value. To add insult to injury, mold abatement can cause up to several thousands of dollars and can practically rob you broke.

All of these said, it is imperative that homeowners equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to help them prevent mold growth and to deal with the mold removal Kansas process. Even if moulds can survive virtually everywhere, with just a bit of knowledge and effort, mold growth is a problem you and your home won’t ever have to deal with again.

Molds often come in black and green, and can sometimes appear yellow or brown if the growth is underneath a material such as wall paper. They have a fuzzy texture and can give off a nasty, musty odor. Different mold species have different requirements for optimal growth, but the key in mold growth is simply moisture.

Moulds also require spores, darkness, and a food source to grow, but since these preconditions exist in most homes, the only precondition that you really have control over is moisture. Moisture problems are often found in areas with water damage due to leaking and seeping, poor ventilation, and condensation. Check your home for leaks regularly and also make sure that it has good air flow.

Once you detect molds growing in your home, take the necessary measures to remove it immediately. For small patches, you can do the mold removal Kansas process yourself with the use of soap and water. In case of an extensive infestation (10 square feet and more), call in a mold removal Kansas specialist. It would be wiser and safer to leave the problem in the hands of an expert who has sufficient knowledge and experience to completely remove and control moulds in your home.

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