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If you have reason to believe that you are having a problem with increased moisture or humidity in your home quick action is necessary on your part to protect your family and your property. If you have increased moisture you will have mold, mildew and water issues sooner than later. In recent years, the growth of mildew and mold in home, schools, and offices has been the focus as the cause of many different human aliments, deaths investigations and disabilities.

This had become known to the general public in terms such as toxic mold, Sick Building syndrome mold, or Black Mold. With the increase coverage by the media and press this had become a topic of interest and the basis of ligation when individuals, families or building occupants  feel they have been harmed by exposure of indoor mould. Today we are starting to see this concern return with all the homes that are in foreclosure and the buying and selling of real estate.

As the mold grows it spreads by producing spores that are in the air. Mold spores are tiny microscopic multi-cellular organisms that reproduce quickly and constantly when you have moisture present. As they grow they undergo chemical changes which allow them to eat things like wood, paper, or other organic materials. As these are digested they release toxins which are known as myo-toxins

We have over 100,000 thousand species of mold. According to mold removal Illinois we have about 100 different types of mold which can have health related consequences. Mold, mildew and other fungi can adversely affect your health by exhibiting symptoms of an allergy, infection or mold toxicity. Airborne mold spores can cause respiratory problems like difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing or asthma. You can have respiratory infections, Runny noses, hair loss to name a few of the problems that can be associated with toxic or better known today as black mold.

These symptoms may range in severity from mild to chronic depilating to a life threating illnesses depending on the state of health of those exposed and the amount and length of exposure. We know that the elderly, children, those individuals with comprised immune systems and chronic obstructive lung disease are at greater risk for having mold related health issues. Anyone who is exposed to mold, mildew or asbestosis can have health related medial issues

Mold removal Illinois recommends that you should consider having your propertied evaluated for mold, mildew, asbestosis and water damage. You can invest in a do-it-yourself kit form the hardware store or you can hire a certified professional. In most circumstances it is best to hire the professional because they have the training, equipment and knowledge to guide you through all necessary treatment and protocols to return your property to a safe place to live and raise your family.  Should you need the mold removed or it you are involved with any type of legal circumstances you will need a certified contactor and a certified laboratory for validation.

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