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We are seeing more concerns over mold and the effects it has on your property and health.  Mold removal Miami, FL. related they recently had a call from a family who discovered what appeared to be mold in the house they were renting.  The husband call because the concern for their health. What made this worse his wife was pregnant. You can imagine the hysteria do I need to move out until we can determine what is going on. Typically any mold and mildew is not something that you must move our immediately. This should pose a big red warning flag that something is wrong with you indoor air quality and it should be evaluated sooner than later.

 Mold Removal Miami FL. shares some guidelines regarding any mold, mildew, asbestosis, or water damage you have. When you discover mould or mildew it is typically from some a moisture problem. This can be from a leak and the water area wasn’t properly dried within 48 of the incident. You may have a slow leak that you are unaware of until suddenly one day you notice that your sheetrock is damp in a particular area of the house.

In this case the family describes they did not have any type of exhaust fan in the bathroom.  When they moved in the house was just recently been painted with no visible signs of mold. Many times individuals will clean the mold with bleach, or other household products then the paint over it.   This is one of the most common mistakes that we hear about. Unless you kill the mold spores properly you are just putting a Band-Aid on a much larger problem. One of the most common mistakes is the myth of cleaning it with bleach and everything will be fine.

If you see mold or mildew in one area of your house it is critical that you have you home tested by for mold and mildew. You can use do- it- yourself test kit however, these kits provide you limited information and the test accuracy depends on the experience of the individual collecting the specimen. Should you need this for insurance or court proceeding most often they want a report done by a certified professional.

When you have a mold or mildew issues the most important step according to Mold Removal Miami, FL, is focusing on the cause. In most cases this takes more than a mold test, it involves determining you humidity level, using thermal imaging equipment to identify mold and moisture that may be present behinds walls.   The certified professional will conduct an inspection looking for cracks in your ceiling, any plumbing leaks, and roof or chimney leaks. After looking at the various reports in this case they had black mold or toxic mold in the bathroom and the cause was lack of proper ventilation. The property owner had the mold remediated and installed an exhaust fan and post clearance test showed no signs of toxic mold

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