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Candida lipolytica

Candida lipolytica, or Yarrowia lipolytica, is a common yeast with colonies that are white in color. It is quite common, and usually isolated from substrates that has proteins. It is mostly found in dairy and refrigerated meat products, but is also isolated from soil, petroleum products and agricultural processing plants. The yeast is also identified in the human mouth and intestines.

Candida lipolytica is another yeast that appears to be pathogenic to humans, albeit weakly. There have been documented cases wherein the yeast resulted in fungemia in both the young and old. While this yeast is most identified with vascular catheter-related infections, it is also said to cause refractory oral candidiasis. At present, Candida lipolytica has not been associated with deep visceral infections such as arthritis. Bone marrow transplant recipients, immunocompromised individuals and people who suffer from chronic sinusitis are most at risk for an infection caused by this yeast.

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Candida lipolytica
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