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Can household mold cause headaches?

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While it is a well-known fact that molds can induce respiratory ailments and rashes on the skin, molds can also induce mild to massive headaches. Headaches are more commonly induced by toxic black mold, the most infamous and probably most common kind of mold present in poorly ventilated rooms and water-damaged indoor spaces.

Headaches, and even migraines, are induced by molds through inhalation of mold spores. When mold spores enter the body, molds trigger the release of histamines in reaction to foreign contaminants. Histamines are the same things that trigger nasal inflammation and allergic reactions. Not all people sensitive to molds can suffer from headaches due to mold exposure, but people who suffer from recurring migraines are more susceptible.

The best solution for headaches due to molds is to vacate the mold-infected room and get fresh air. It could take time until your body gets rid of the molds and eventually relieves you of your headache.

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