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Acremonium sp. is the fungal genus having numerous species that are often found to be living in the structures, often in insulation. This genus is also found in the plant debris and soil. It thrives in almost all varieties of environments and is found across the globe. There are several noted species within this genus ranging from the fungi that are capable of bring about serious infections and the ones that are widely used for producing pharmaceuticals.

These fungi will reproduce asexually through spore production that allows them to spread. Acremonium is among the fast growing fungi and the colonies of this fungus can mature within a week in the moist and warm environments. These colonies will have a typical slightly powdered texture. The color of these colonies can vary from pink to gray. However, several species of these fungi is capable of producing mycotoxins that can cause health problems in human beings and animals.

Acremonium is omni-present and is found to cause contamination of food items and lab samples. The ability of this fungus to thrive on a variety of substrates makes it difficult to keep it under control. Identifying the molds can be a big challenge as the differences between the individual species will be subtle. This is considered to be among the most common problems related with molds.

In human beings, A. kiliense, A. falciforme and A. recifei causes a wide variety of problems. These species have been found to cause infections in the human beings. One among the most commonly found infections in human beings because of this particular type of fungi is pulmonary infections. It has also been found that the fungi are responsible for infections in many other parts of the human body too. These infections will be commonly found in the immuno-compromised individuals who will not have the power to fight off this fungus. There are many different anti-fungal medications that can be used for treating the infections caused by Acremonium. However, many among these medications will not be successful in eradicating the fungus completely.

A. strictum is the species that is found to be the main culprit behind the mycetoma. Mycetoma is a subcutaneous infection that is caused by this fungus. This infection will be normally found in the foot of human beings. The people who spent considerable time barefoot will be ones who fall for this type of infection. Even though medications are commonly used for fighting off this infection, amputation may be required in the extreme cases as it is the only way to stop the spreading of this infection.

A. chrysogenum is a species of the fungus that is beneficial for the mankind. It is used for producing antibiotics of cephalosporin class. This fungal genus was called as Cephalosporium once because of this use of the genus. The antibiotics manufactured using this genus is used for treating a wide range of conditions. This makes the particular species, a valuable member of Acremonium genus. These are the common facts about Acremonium that are worth knowing.

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